ms Ltd is a provider and installer of Quality Renewable Energy Systems. The company specialises in providing tailored solutions for each individual client. With over 25 years of experience in the electrical industry, MicroPico Systems strives to provide customer satisfaction. Exceptional innovative products and technical expertise, coupled with extensive industry knowledge, our products are repeatedly chosen for the stability and performance required for years of operation.

Ecotricity – making the most of WIND and HYDRO to support the uptake of SOLAR

Ecotricity and YOU-BEAUT-SOLAR have come together to bring some of the best solar grid offerings including ecoSAVER and ecoWHOLESALE solar combinations.  When the sun isn’t shining then Ecotricity tops up your home or business with New Zealand’s ONLY carboNZero Certified electricity sourced from wind, hydro and solar generation.

Here’s the other reason why YOU-BEAUT-SOLAR has partnered with Ecotricity!

Say no to dirty coal, gas and geothermal electricity generation.  See more details here about where thermal electricity emissions are coming from.