Ethical & Clean Energy

Here are some of the reasons why Ecotricity ticks all the boxes in so many ways.

carboNZero Certified Electricity

We are the only provider of 100% Renewable and carbonzero Certified electricity that is sourced from wind, hydro and solar.

Bill Transparency

No double dipping. All lines charges are passed on at cost. All metering charges are passed on at average cost. Electricity authority charges are passed on at average cost.

Emissions Advocacy

There is plenty of work that goes on behind the scenes to help bring change in the New Zealands energy sector. Part of your Ecotricity bill goes towards promoting renewable energy, transport electrification and the move away from methane (natural gas).EV-buyers-guide.jpg

In 2014 Ecotricity was the first electricity retailer to move 100% of their company owned vehicles to electric (EV) or plug-in-hybrid-electric (PHEV).

We’re proud that many our customers are now doing the same thing! For more information on how to move to your vehicle fleet to electric call us on 0800 845 000.


Get Off The Gas

It’s time to put a stop to the growing use of gas. Some electricity companies talk about being renewable, then will sell you gas to heat your office or home. Gas should only be used for industrial purposes where no other option is available. We don’t sell gas. Gas emits up to 5 times more CO2e than electricity, take a look at our Carbon Knowledge section to find out more.

No Estimates

No surprises! All bills are based on actual consumption. If you have an older type meter we’ll do our best to upgrade you to a smart meter, in most cases at no extra cost.

Supporting Kiwi Companies

We are the only electricity provider to be using Kiwibank, NZ’s very own bank! We also, where possible, support other Kiwi companies like Xero, Juicepoint and many more by using NZ products or services.DSC_0277-sml-Copy.jpeg