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Tesla S

160927 Tesla P100D

What we love about it  The most desirable and most important car on the planet.  The Tesla Model S is the ultimate in performance bar none, and it now beats gravity to 100k’s.

This is simply the fastest 5 seater in the market, in fact the 3rd fast production car in the world, 0 – 100 kmh in 2.5 … make that 2.4 seconds.  But it doesn’t stop there.

The Model S is the first truly autonomous self driving car, and it’s available now.  Software updates occur frequently meaning the Model S is like a fine wine, it just gets better with time.  Available in 2wd or 4wd and with a current stated range of up to 610 km.  The Model S also has the highest rate of charging, capable of charging at 300 km/hr.  Range is not an issue.  Tesla is now in NZ, order now!

Read about a Tesla Model S that traveled a whopping 320,000 km and maintained an impressive 94% battery capacity.


Model X NEW 161011 Tesla X P100View 2017 SPECIFICATIONS

What we love about it  Built on the Model S platform the X is a pure electric 4wd SUV.

The Tesla Model X has similar performance figures to the S but with the added bonus of 8 seats, tow bar ….. and a pair of gull wing doors.  Self driving features are also standard on the model X.  

Here’s a great review on the Model X

NOW available in New Zealand …… Choices choices choices …..

160830 Tesla Model 3161011 Tesla Model 3What we love about it   Volume production is starting in late 2017 for the US market not likely we will see any in NZ till early 2019, fingers crossed.  

Possibly the most important car for the human race.  The Model 3 has received 455,000 pre orders, the biggest in history for any car, bar none.  Just as importantly the Model 3 has spurred major auto makers into rising to the electric challenge.

The Model 3 will come in two rear drive options initially, but expect to see higher performance 4wd and longer range versions.  

Here are the specification we have to date on the two rear drive options

Range:  338 km
0 -100:   5.6 seconds
Top Speed:    210 km/h
Rapid Charge:   
30 min (or 7 hrs at home)
Battery Warranty:  8 Years or 160,000 km

Range:  500 km
0 -100:   5.1 seconds
Top Speed:    220 km/h
Rapid Charge:  
40 min (or 8 hrs at home)
Battery Warranty:  8 Years or 192,000 km

We’ve ordered one for the office as it’s effectively the same cost as a Toyota Corolla over 10 years.  Find out more on our article dedicated to the Model 3.

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