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160830 Mercedes C350e hybrid

160927 Mercedes C350eWhat we love about it   A wolf in sheeps clothing, or wolf in wolfs clothing with very green credentials.  

A direct competitor to the BWM 330e, this is for those wanting to do the right thing but in a very discrete way.  Let’s see a bigger battery or full electric version please Merc!


160830 GLE 500e image

160927 Mercedes GL500What we love about it  Much like the BMW X5 eDrive, the GLE 500e SUV is a massive SUV, with rapid acceleration to 100 kmh in 5.3, yes 5.3 seconds.  

And yet, the first 30 km is without a drop of fuel.  Expect to see an increasing number of Mercedes Hybrid solutions across their entire range.  Would be great to see a full electric model at some stage, and as with the C350e a bigger battery for the current hybrid range!

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