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160927 BMW i3 2016 Series


What we love about it. A funky looking 4 seater, this is an electric carbonfibre hot hatch.  Superb handling and acceleration and great resale value.  The i3 also has an onboard 500 cc petrol range extender so it can be used for long trips.  Super modern interior and forward facing rear doors.  

The i3 is fast becoming the most popular PHEV hatchback on the market, we like very very much. 2016 model BMW i3 boasts a massive 58% increase in theoretical electric range to 300 km, real world of 200 km range.  

The BMW i3 gets up to the open speed limit after a brisk 7.9 seconds. View 2017 BMWi3 PRICING
i8160927 BMW i8 2015 Series


What we love about it   Stunner to look at 2 seater gull wing supercar.  The future of BMW is in the heart of this beast and packs an impressive amount of technology including carbonfibre chasis.  

Here’s a great review of the BMW i8  View BMW i8 PRICING

The i8 hybrid engine combination has been rated as one of the most efficient hybrid combinations in the world.  Simply divine.

160830 330e hybrid160927 BMW 330 Series

What we love about it. The ultimate driving machine, the 330 has just been trumped …. by the 330e.  The 330e has taken over 40% market share in some European markets from all other 3 Series sales. 37 km of electric only driving is enough to get you from A to B in the city without burning a drop of fuel.  

On the open road the 330e has the power and torque of a much larger petrol or diesel power plant and is still directed perfectly through the rear axle.  The 330e uses a traditional gearbox which is encased in a further 87 hp of pure electric power.  View BMW 330e PRICING

Yum. Drive it to believe it.  Well done BMW on keeping the Ultimate Driving Machine alive while saving the planet.



160830 bmw 2 series hybrid

160927 BMW 2 Series

What we love about it. The 2 Series offers 4WD touring functionality in a compact size …… and it’s has a 41 km electric only range.    

Has an interesting combination of petrol drive up front and electric drive down the back, ie, two separate drive units. 

X5 edrive

160927 BMW X5 2016 Series

What we love about it. Ok, so promoting the rapid X5 as a green 4wd is a bit of a paradigm shift.  BUT, when you get you first 30 kilometres purely from electric it is a pretty hard package to beat.  

It may not have the insane acceleration of the Tesla Model X, but then the BMW X5 eDrive is here and now.  We recommend taking it for a spin … if it’s within your budget.   0 – 100 kmh in 6.8 seconds is not to be sniffed at.

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