Ecotricity team up with Garage Project!

We are pleased to welcome the creative team from Garage Project on board with Ecotricity. NZ’s only 100% carboNZero certified electricity that’s sourced by Wind, Hydro and Solar!


Teaming up with the craziest and greatest craft beer brewery in the country, Ecotricity want to rave about it! So for every new guy and gal from Garage project to join Ecotricity, 10 trees will be planted in conjunction with Million Metres.


All you need to do is click on the ‘Join Now’ Button and enter ‘GARAGE PROJECT 2018’ in the how did you hear about us section or tell us over the phone and we can sort this for you. It’s that easy.


With Ecotricity, you’ll receive competitive pricing and won’t have to worry about endangering our planet while using your electricity…. You’ve taken the first step towards reducing your carbon footprint as you’re powered by 100% renewable energy.

So from humble beginnings in the heart of Wellington, the successful and distinguished company has taken off and only continues to thrive! Garage project are out here having fun all while experimenting among the wonderful world of brewing.

They bring nothing but exciting and exhilarating beers, wines and kegs to market!

Brewhouse sign

A big welcome and cheers to Garage Project from the team at Ecotricity.

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