Ecotricity – Solar Power

Solar array with wind turbines in the background. With blue skies and the sun shining

NZ’s leading renewable power company supporting Solar power for your home.

Solar panels with a battery system for your home is an ideal investment to avoid high power prices and generate your own power using the sun’s energy. As solar technology becomes cheaper and the need to fight against climate change increases, there has seen an increase in the uptake of solar over the last 5 years. 

Most homes with solar, switch to Ecotricity as they love to support a company who share the same values. Sustainable homes look to reduce emissions where possible and Ecotricity can provide great power prices within New Zealand that support greener and sustainable alternatives that won’t harm the planet.

Ecotricity helps kiwi homes and businesses reduce their electricity emissions by supplying NZ’s only carboNZero certified electricity. While you receive affordable power prices when drawing power from the grid, you help to offset emissions and minimise your carbon footprint.

With electricity prices being high due to the current wholesale market structure, we encourage those to invest in solar power and independent generation. This way you can avoid high prices during peak times by using clean, green and renewable energy from the sun.

Teaming up with Ecotricity means you can continue to support renewable electricity when you’re using power from the grid. Although we are not solar installers, we direct you to the solar installer in the area and our metering team will help with the meter upgrade and solar installation process.

 Being with Ecotricity means when you’re drawing power from the grid, you’re still supporting renewable energy and helping to clean up the planet.