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STOKED is Stoked to be Powered by 100% carboNZero Certified Electricity

June 23, 2017 | Hannah Muir | carboNZero


Ecotricity is STOKED to announce that Stoked restaurant in Whitianga is now powered by NZs only 100% carboNZero Certified Renewable Electricity Located at waters edge with beautiful views of Whitianga beach, Stoked offers an array of food and beverages to suit everyone. The stunning natural scenery and use of fresh local seafood give you a taste […]

MoleMap Powered by 100% carboNZero Certified Electricity – With a Life Saving offer for you this June

June 22, 2017 | Hannah Muir | carboNZero, Solar


  Not only has MoleMap joined Ecotricity – But they’re also extending a great offer to welcome Ecotricity and new patients this month! The sun is great for your roof to generate electricity from, but can be harmful for your skin. MoleMap was founded by dermatologists to wage a war on melanoma and have recently […]

Electric NIO now holds the Fastest time around Nurburgring

May 20, 2017 | Al Yates | carboNZero


It’s official. An electric car now holds the lap record of the Nurburgring. Volvo drops diesel engines and so much more on ecoTEC NEWS Episode 7. This and more below …   Ecotricity is New Zealand’s only provider of carboNZero Certified Electricity. We’re 100% Kiwi and 49% Community Owned … … and the leading Electric Vehicle Buyers Guide          […]

COAL is CAPUT in India and the UK

May 13, 2017 | Hannah Muir | carboNZero, Solar, Wind


India invests in Green Energy, while the UK goes Coal Free for the first time in 135 Years Since being elected Donald Trump has done a lot to, in his words “end the war on coal”. Similarly, Minister Stephen Joyce (Not Choice) wants to open up new coal mines on the West Coast. Thankfully, on the […]

Celebrate our 47th EARTH DAY by putting a STOP to harmful Fossil Fuels

April 20, 2017 | Hannah Muir | carboNZero, Electric Vehicles, Solar, Wind


It’s now so much easier to say goodbye to harmful fossil fuels. Here are THREE EASY WAYS to drop your emissions, and how long it will take you to make the changes. The average household can save around 90,000 kilograms CO2e emissions over a 10 year period by making these changes. Let’s get started. It’s now […]

QUAD COPTERS Launching in 2017

March 7, 2017 | Al Yates | carboNZero, Electric Vehicles

ehang184 C

In this article Electric Transportation is literally taking off …. VW Driverless Shuttles US$35,000 Tesla Starts July Tesla Auckland Showroom  Chinas 300,000 Electric Buses Quad Copters Take off  Airbus Pop Up Flying Car VW Autonomous Shuttles VW is chasing down UBER with the development of SEDRIC the fully autonomous shuttle. SEDRIC is half bus, half taxi, and totally […]

Wind Blows Hydro out of the Water

March 1, 2017 | Hannah Muir | carboNZero, Wind


WIND is now the largest source of Renewable Electricity in the US. New Wind Generation has achieved near record growth with the second strongest quarter ever for a newly installed capacity, according to a report released by American Wind Energy Association in early February. Oil, Gas and Coal on the Way Out Wind power has not […]

PUMP vs PLUG ………… Cradle to Grave Impacts of Electric Vehicles

November 30, 2016 | Al Yates | carboNZero, Electric Vehicles

pump vs plug

Can Electric Vehicles (EVs) really save the Planet? What are the Cradle to Grave Environmental Impacts of EVs Compared with Fossil Fueled Vehicles We’re regularly asked whether Electric Vehicles (EVs) are better than their Petrol or Diesel cousins (FOSSILs) over the lifetime of the vehicle. While it may seem like an obvious answer, there are […]

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