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5 reasons to consider solar power

solar panels with blue sky

The sun is a reliable, renewable source of energy that has existed for billions of years and will continue to exist for billions more. As technology has improved and the need for alternative energy sources has increased, solar is becoming a more viable and sought-after solution globally for home-grown power. Here are five reasons to […]

Top 5 appliances that use the most electricity

home appliances

We’d all like to lower our electricity bills, both to save money and to save the environmental cost associated with electricity generation. But where to start? Besides system-wide energy users, like heating and cooling appliances and lights, there are some household appliances that use more energy than others. Here are five key appliances that use […]

Advances in EV battery technology

Car screen showing battery health of EV

Electric vehicles (EVs) become more and more viable with each passing year. This is largely due to one thing: innovations in battery technology. Here, we review the history of EV technology and discuss future innovations. If you’re interested we also have asupber YouTube interview with one of the globes leading battery engineers here. History […]

Designing an eco-friendly garden

Hands holding pot plant with garden tools on the side.

Designing an eco-friendly garden is a great way to support New Zealand’s native plants and birds. While there are some general ways to be eco-friendly (like choosing water-wise plants and natural/organic pesticides), here are a few gardening tips that will integrate your garden with New Zealand’s ecosystem. Support local birds and plants If you’d like […]

New customer portal!

Big news! We have upgraded our customer portal to bring you some new and vibrant features that we’re expecting you’ll love. In the meantime you can download invoices, look at your half hour consumption and compare between months, days, or weeks, or take a look at you carbon savings! More features arriving shortly including: Full […]

How to achieve carboNZero certification

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We are proud to be a carboNZero certified organisation, and we are New Zealand’s only provider of carboNZero Certified Electricity. As proud as we are, we’d take even more pride if you joined us and became a carboNZero certified organisation as well. Read on for a rundown of what carboNZero certification entails. About carboNZero The […]