100% Kiwi & 50% Community Owned

The Legends behind Ecotricity

Wind Farm Group (Airtricity) and Pioneer Energy have teamed up to bring Ecotricity to you, New Zealand’s only carboNZero Certified Renewable electricity!  Powered by Wind, Hydro and Solar.

Team at Ecotricity 2019

Wind Farm Group are a 100% New Zealand owned wind farm developer since 2003. They are involved in a number of new wind farm developments in the upper North Island. Wind Farm Group also are closely involved in JuicePoint, New Zealand’s largest supplier of electric vehicle chargers.

Pioneer Energy are a 100% community owned generator and retailer of electricity. All profits from Pioneer Energy are either reinvested into new renewable generation or returned to the community! The long standing company supply over 4,000 commercial and residential customers throughout New Zealand. Pioneer Energy supplies Ecotricity with electricity generated from its existing wind farms, hydro dams and solar plant.

Thanks to Pioneer Energy’s support, Ecotricity is proudly 50% community owned and have recently changed our name to Ecotricity Limited Partnership. This acknowledges our joint venture with Pioneer Energy’s legal community trust status and highlights our commitment to the community.



Two generation plants were constructed in 2014 and 2015 which are now supplying additional clean, renewable electricity. These include the carbon neutral Omaranui Landfiill Biogas Plant and the Flat Hill Wind Farm which was recently completed.  More recently in 2016 Pioneer Energy purchased the Aniwhenua hydro-electric dam through it’s Southern Generation partnership further strengthening it’s generation portfolio in the North Island.

Ecotricity are also embarking on the development of a large scale wind farm in the upper North Island. Furthering renewable electricity generation across the country means power supplied to kiwi homes and businesses will be cleaner and greener. This is great for our environment and more sustainable for the future!

We are disrupting the current industry and overtake carbon emitting thermal generators that produce over 4 billion kilograms of CO2 per year. Ecotricity also strive to be the leading supplier of electricity to support the electric vehicle fleet that’s growing exponentially.

We are leaders in;

  • Supplying carboNZero Certified electricity to solar customers
  • Supplying carboNZero Certified electricity to public electric vehicle rapid chargers

Ecotricity is also a living wage accredited employer. This means all employee here at Ecotricity receive the living wage or above. Although staff already receive above the living wage, we wanted to challenge ourselves and commit to doing the right thing. We value our staff and want to ensure they’re in a financial position to enjoy life and support their families.

So click HERE if you’re ready to join Ecotricity and start reducing your carbon foot print!



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